Helpful Tips For After Windshield Replacement in the US

Helpful Tips For After Windshield Replacement in the US

In most cases, after an auto glass replacement, there are some necessary steps that you may need to follow to protect the glassware that has been changed. Usually, due to our busy daily schedules, we may end up forgetting these tips even after a clear explanation from the technician. Luckily, these pointers got you covered.

The adhesive used during the car window replacement usually takes time to dry depending on its type, temperature and humidity. Depending on where you live in the United States, it can take an hour or twenty-four hours to dry. To be on the safe side, check with your technician on the type of adhesive used on your car. Depending on the day’s humidity, you should drive it on the same day.

If the tape was used as part of the windshield repair, you ought to leave it on for at least twenty-four hours upon completion of the repair. This allows the seal to properly dry without any interference with dust, rain or debris that could ruin the installation. Also, the tapes act as protection as it holds the windshield in the correct position.

As much as your car may look dirty after the repair, abstain from washing it immediately. Most car washes in the US use very high-pressure water jets to remove dirt, grime and bugs off your car. If the mouldings or the sealant are not yet dry, the high pressured water can ruin the replacement done. Alternatively, if you need to wash your car immediately after twenty-four hours, opt for hand wash and avoid any high-pressure hose.

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